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Section 232 and Order Acceptance

The potential section 232 ruling introduces an unpredictable element to our cost structure. Therefore, until this matter is resolved, all new orders are subject to review before acceptance.

Surcharges expected to be down again in July

As reported in AMM, some distributors expect the surcharges to drop again next month. “I have factored in an 8- to 9-cent decrease in (Type) 304,” a second midwestern distributor said, noting that he expects base prices to remain stable, possibly through this summer....

Surcharges a mixed bag for March

Stainless surcharges are varied for March, with Type 304 and 430 extras slipping due to lower iron prices that offset gains in nickel pricing while Type 316 surcharges rose from the previous month thanks to higher nickel and molybdenum tags. (American Metal Market Feb...