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This page is being provided to keep our Canadian customers up-to-date on our new initiatives.

800 Number

Our 800 number can now be used in Canada. The number is the same as it is for our U.S. customers: 1-888-377-4317.

Oil & Gas Grades

ESP Steel is proud to announce that our Oil & Gas Grades are now available in Chicago. This includes the following products:

  • 17-4 DBH – Oil field valves, shafts, pump shafts, pump impeller shafts, high strength shafts, gears, drive components (drive trains) for the drill bit within the drill string (down hole motors). Size ranges for 17-4 DBH: ½” thru 15” Rds.
  • 410 QDT – For parts used in hydrogen sulfide such as valves, valve components, valve bodies, bonnets, end and outlet connections, fasteners, valve seat facings, bearings, bushings, pump shafts. Size ranges for 410 QDT: 1” – 23” Rds.
  • 420 Mod For parts used in CO2 environments, low hydrogen sulfide levels: wellhead equipment, Christmas trees, and typically used for completion equipment, structural and pressure containing oil tool parts and members. Size ranges for 420 Mod:2 3/4” – 11 1/2” Rds.
  • 9 CR 1 MO (L80) – a low alloy steel containing chromium and molybdenum, it has excellent weldability as well as oxidation and scaling resistance (similar to 400 series stainless). Used primarily for Nace applications where sour (hydrogen sulfide) environments under high temperature and pressure are expected. End uses include flanges, fittings, valves and piping applications.

Pump Shaft Quality

Pump Shaft Quality (PSQ) has historically been used for precision shafting in pumps. Now, there are many more applications requiring these tighter diameter tolerances.

ESP Steel stocks both 316/L and 416 in PSQ, ranging in size from 3/4″ dia. to 4″.

Have a requirement outside this range? Call us at 1-888-377-4317 and we can help you with your sourcing.


Our E-Services web application allows our customers to view online information such as our available inventory and their open orders with us.

  • Customers can search our inventory based on type of product, grade, & finish.
  • Our Open Order screen shows our customer all open orders for them listed by delivery date that are currently in our computer system.
  • If you are a customer of ours and wish to receive a password to access our e-Services, Click here to contact us to send your request.

Important to Canada

Click here to see how MSCI weighed in on 2 important topics – Keystone XL Pipeline and the Trans-Pacific Partnership


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