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Personalized Services

Personalized Services

Stock Specials

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  • Stock Specials are items you have in your inventory that you brought in for an end use customer

    These can be either stock items, a variation of a stock item (e.g. longer length), or a non stock item

  • We can take on the responsibility to stock the item and release to you as needed

Cost of Possession Analysis

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  • We’ll help you improve your “Turns & Earns”
  • Knowing how much it costs you to carry your inventory allows you to improve the ‘efficiency’ of your inventory
  • Let ESP carry your “B” and “C” items

Delivery Performance Review

  • We will provide a report on our performance to you based on whatever time period you define

Electronic Data Interchange


  • Another means of lowering your costs and increasing productivity
  • EDI is the electronic interchange of business information using a standardized format; a process which allows one company to send information to another company electronically rather than with paper.
  • Some of the more common documents are
    • 810: Invoice
    • 850: Purchase Order
    • 856: Ship Notice / Manifest

Management Reviews

Plan Do Check Act

  • Our way of ensuring we are a business partner to help you achieve your goals / metrics
  • Joint planning to ensure a win-win proposition
  • Regular reviews to measure success and identify areas for improvement



Special Packaging

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  • We take care to package all our shipments so they arrive in perfect condition
  • We’ll use blocking material to prevent or control movement of the bar(s) or to facilitate handling.
  • Bumper blocks are affixed to ends or sides of bar(s) to prevent damaging contact
  • We also have boxes and fiber tubing available for a nominal charge

Training Sessions

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  • We can provide a number of training sessions for your sales team such as product training or specific end market training
  • See our list of training presentations

Contact Us

ESP Specialty Steel Products
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ESP Specialty Steel Products
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Toll Free : 1-888-377-4317
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