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Market has been full of bad news lately

Yes, the market has been full of bad news lately

…Price of barrel of oil has dropped significantly – from recent high of $110 / barrel to $81 / barrel

…Nickel is officially in a bear market with it’s recent decline

…European market forecasted to be in recession in 2015

…Stainless steel scrap keeps dropping as well

One month you are going along with a rosy forecast and then the next month, BAM! How do you counteract all this? Use a master distributor like ESP to help you manage your stainless bar inventories. The impact of dropping value of inventories and market uncertainties can be offset by a reliance on ESP as part of your supply chain. Mill lead times remain far out so how do you forecast accurately with all these unknowns? Let’s be honest – you won’t and you can’t! Your customers simply do not give you accurate forecasts on their stainless bar purchases. Having a relationship with ESP can help you meet your future customer needs.

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