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Virtual Inventory

Virtual Inventory

What is it?

  • Ability to send data to customer on status of our inventory
  • This is done through a feed from our system, MCMS, to the customers ERP system
  • Timing of feed depends on customer
    • Current feeds range from every 5 minutes, to nightly feeds as well as weekly
  • Key task is to map customer part numbers and descriptions to ESP part numbers

It is easy to deploy

  • ESP works with customer IT department
  • We need a list of part numbers and descriptions from you that you want us to supply information on
  • We take that list and cross reference our part number and descriptions
  • We then create a file containing customer-specific inventory information from our system (MCMS)
  • Finally the file is sent to customers as either an email attachment or directly over the Internet (FTP)

Benefits to customer

  • Access to sell inventory you do not own
  • Saves time for buyers to check stock
  • Saves time of ISR’s on buy outs
  • Full access to information on inventory ESP carries just for a customer
    • This includes on hand, next mill due date, receipt date

Business requirements

  • ESP needs a file (e.g., spreadsheet) of part numbers with item codes and descriptions as well as other attributes available such as grade, shape, etc. to map to ESP part numbers
  • What info can your company accept. (on hand qty, incoming qty, ETA, pricing etc.)

Technical requirements

  • What file format do you want the data in? (.csv, .txt, .xls, other?)
  • How do you want the data sent? (via FTP or e-mail)
  • How frequent do you want updates. (hourly, daily, etc.)

Benefits to ESP

  • Reduces our competition
  • Improves productivity of our sales people
  • Increases sales volume as we are easier to do business with

When setting up Virtual Inventory, we also establish a series of regular meetings to ensure our offerings, service and prices meet your needs

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